Earth Journey To Rajasthan

To Rajasthan

Echoing with tales of bravery, diversity and sustainability, the royal land of Rajasthan is the most populated and colourful desert of the world. It has been made habitable through carefully cultivated ecological cultures that have created lakes and tanks in the desert and protected sacred trees like the Khejri. The tribals,peasants and artisans tilled the land together to make sandy land, fertile and abundant. People have worked with nature has blessed this state with hundreds of varieties of climate resilient millets, oilseeds, lentils and vegetables. Rajasthan has flourished on harmony with nature and between her people. People have worked together with nature to conserve the commons, water and trees. Navdanya takes you on a journey through these fairly cultivated lands, to our organic farms that feed the Earth and have ample biodiversity and food to feed beasts, insects and humans alike.

As we glimpse past 500 year old palaces and forts and amble through sufi shrines, you shall taste some of the choicest mirch salan (vegetarian dish) and be astonished with the vibrancy of our culture and composite traditions at the turn of every stone. Experience the folk music and dance with us at sunset and at night hear with us wild creatures calls. So come join us, and be one with our royal and diverse Rajasthan!

The Glimpses...