Earth Journey To Ladakh

Speckled across Ladakh's biscuit-coloured desert are bursts of green that cocoon villages. Historically, Ladakhis have been a self-sustaining people, relying solely on local resources and innovation to farm and live, cultivating a special relationship with their fragile land.

With the onset of tourism in the mid-1970s, some of the most important parts of Ladakhi culture are easily missed by visitors. On the Ladakh Earth Journey, we want to share some of these traditional ways of life with you. You will learn how women farmers successfully grow crops at high altitudes, visit the local seed bank, interact with local students at an alternative school with a completely sustainable campus and eat delicious local food. You will get the opportunity to see an example of ingenious Ladakhi innovation when we visit the Artificial Glacier project in Phyang village, where locals are working to simultaneously save water and improve water-accessibility to farmers. Living in local village homestays will give you the chance to experience the very simple, but warm Ladakhi home.

Come join us on this unique journey to visit one of the most beautiful places and cultures in India; one that we can also learn invaluable lessons from in our rapidly globalizing and delicate world.

The Glimpses...