Earth Journey To Himalayas (Kedar Valley)

Join Navdanya for an Earth Pilgrimage to GARHWAL HIMALAYA (KEDAR VALLEY) from 16TH TO 23RD October 2016, the land of the divine. This land is guarded by the Himalayas, nourished by the Oak and Rhododendron. Uttarakhand is one of the richest bio-diverse region in India.

So come to breathe the freshness of our air and relish the flavours of biodiversity from our fields. Let local women be your guides in the traditions of saving seeds and experience the miracle of life through these sprouting seeds. Visit Navdanya biodiversity farm where one thousand varieties of seeds are conserved and grown.

Harvest with our organic communities on fruits of their labour and joy and know the way of women's ecological agriculture that has sustained their villages and the environment for centuries. Taste the organic food and return a seed to their soil, for others who are yet to come.

We will also take you stay with the people of eco-village of Badasu, who have which was rehabilitated by Navdanya after the devastated by the 2013 floods. Share their pain and see how they have rebuilt lives after this climate disaster.

End your journey with a touch of the Ganga, and a promise to make peace with the Earth. So come to Dev Bhoomi (Uttarakhand) for a journey to taste the organic richness and experience being part of the Navdanya family - Vasudeva Kutumbhakam.

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