Earth Journey To Bhutan

To Bhutan

On this unique journey, the GNH Centre will take you on a combined inner and outer journeys where you reflect and use mindfulness techniques to undergo a transformative experience. Using the Gross National Happiness values as a medium of journey, we will deepen your understanding of self, help to discover innate values, and connect you with nature and community through the following experiential elements:

  • Exploring Gross National Happiness in Bhutan though presentations from various sources, discussions, Mandala role play, insight dialogue, deep sharing, deep listening – communication and management.
  • Nature-based inner quest: Deep nature experiences, linking observation and understanding of the pristine Himalayan natural environment, with profound inner work. At its core, it is about helping individuals come into a deeper awareness of their own humanity through connecting with the living spirit of nature and helping to explore the personal transition from ego to eco.
  • Mindfulness: Daily mindfulness practices (mindful meditation, mindful walks, mindful relaxation, mindful eating, etc.) as well as opportunities for reflection, journaling and dialogue. This will help you in becoming more aware of your surroundings (outer journey) and enjoy your inner journey.
  • Visiting sacred and cultural heritage sites: more than mere “sight-seeing”, instead experiencing and connecting to the sacredness that is still vibrantly alive in Bhutan.
  • Whilst there is a ‘Learning Journey’ in place, space will be created throughout for the emergence of group-generated activities, for specific questions or challenges to be addressed and the possibility for dynamic co-creation.
    • This program includes visiting different places in Bhutan involving travelling on rough and mountainous roads and walking pilgrimages in remote, rural and high altitude environments (above 3000 metres) along with learning, experiencing and living GNH.

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